“I’m really thrilled,” says Justin Dean in response to his ex-wife Korra’s protests on his application for full custody of their children.

Justin Dean responded to Korra’s rage by going live on Facebook as well.

Justin Dean, the ex-husband of Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, has responded to her latest damaging social media accusations.

You may recall that the mother of two recently revealed that they had started a new round of court battles for custody of their children during a Facebook Live session when she detailed the abuse she endured at the hands of her estranged husband.

Korra disclosed during the Facebook Live session on Tuesday that Justin Dean has filed a new lawsuit seeking full custody of their children while speaking through tears.

According to Korra, Justin filed the lawsuit on the grounds that she is in breach of her parenting obligations and allegedly neglects the kids while concentrating on her live sessions.

She spoke of Justin’s mistreatment of her throughout their marriage, claiming that he once called her a “cunt” at a party and instructed her male acquaintances to line up so she could engage in oral sex on them.

She continued, saying that he also shoved her at the party and tried to gaslight her into thinking it didn’t happen, but her friends saw it happen and corroborated it.

She claimed that Justin would frequently strike her in front of their kids, and that once, while she was pregnant, he dragged her violently. Three days later, she miscarried.

Korra cried as she wished someone like Justin on the women who are standing by him.

Justin Dean responded to Korra’s rage by going live on Facebook as well.

He said he is currently extremely pleased and implied that his ex-statements wife’s were exactly what he was expecting, so he is not surprised.

He continued by saying that caring for his girls was his top concern.

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