“I’m not a sickle cell carrier”- Rapper Phyno refutes fan’s claim

Rapper Phyno, also known as Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike from Nigeria, has refuted allegations that he has sickle cell disease made by one of his followers.

A supporter of his had tweeted about how much she adored him. The fan claimed that after learning that the rapper had sickle cell anaemia, she became even more in love with him.

‘Since I heard Phyno has sickle cell the love tripled, I pray God grants him the strength to keep fighting.”the fan wrote

Responding, Phyno dismissed the claim but offered his heartfelt prayers to those battling the ailment.

”Lol . No I’m not sickle cell. Love to everyone fighting it tho”

I?m not a sickle cell carrier - Rapper Phyno refutes fan?s claim

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