“I’m livid, We can’t upload online”- After spending the night at her voting location, Omoni Oboli is furious.

Actress Omoni Oboli of Nollywood is furious after spending the night at her polling place to prevent vote-rigging.

The actress shared a video of herself voting and voiced her concerns about the difficulties in uploading election results on her Instagram feed.

Omoni revealed that as a result of INEC’s neglect, she had to stay awake for 26 hours, has trembling feet, and has back problems.

She questioned why it would be challenging to upload election results online.

“It’s 5am! I am LIVID!!!
Been up for about 26hours! My feet and my back don’t belong to me right me! We can’t upload online @inecnigeria we need answers!! Why on earth would we not be able to uphold online?!!
What exactly is going on!!

In a later post, Omoni Oboli expressed her displeasure and revealed that results were being manually uploaded at her polling location.

“We are uploading manually!!!@inecnigeria what the actual heck!! Why can’t we upload online!!! I will post my PU and the results when I get home for security reasons.. Love you guys”.

She continued by declaring that in order to defend her rights, she would see to it that all rigging methods were prevented.

“It’s past 6am guys! We MUST make sure we block every rigging avenue! Nobody’s taking my right from me!
Nigeria must be good in my everytime!!
Nigeria! Land of my birth! I love you! I will fight for you and you will be GREAT “.

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