Relationship expert and adviser Joro Olumofin has come out again to give his fellow men good reasons why they should breakup with their girl friends. He made this known on his social media where he analyze the kid of girls men should keep as a spouse .

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In his words :

” If she can’t use N5,000 to cook decent meals from Friday – Sunday. (A Full weekend)
If she has more than 3 married men as “besto”, “fwends” or “my G”
If your girlfriend demands a gift on every birthday
If she borrows money from different guys without asking you

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If she doesn’t call your mother on Mother’s Day. .
If your girlfriend has been to Dubai 3 times from 2018 till date and she doesn’t have any income
If you have given your girlfriend up to N500,000 / $1400 and she’s still broke or doesn’t have a business.
If she is always commenting on known Yahoo boys pictures and Billionaires pictures on IG : “Yas zaddy, i tap into ur grace sir, check ur DM”
If she doesn’t know what you do to make money. E.g she knows you’re a banker but doesn’t

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know what department you’re in.
If she takes Postinor 2 like M&K every month
If she idolizes runs girls & copies their IG post and Snapchat. “She May be an apprentice soon”

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If she has cheated on you in the past 12 months
If she’s a student & you can’t locate her on weekends
If she has never bought you anything apart from perfume, belt & boxers on your birthday. E.g she should buy you books & inspirational dvds

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If she spends N40,000 on makeup every month & she’s not a makeup artist or making money from the makeup.
If shes always commenting on celebrity pages saying “ Bless me”. .
If more than 5 night club bouncers know her name in your city
If she would rather go to the cinema than mid week service

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If she doesn’t let you wipe or clean her up after sex.
If she gets violent. Trashes your car, assaults, burns your clothes. .
If your girlfriend is guilty of more than 5 of these and not willing to change, you should consider reentering the market.

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Joro who recently revealed he is under pressure to get married does not look like he will be doing that any time soon . As a love doctor, he will definetly have his rules and what he is looking out for in a lady before he can wife her .

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Do you think these rules will apply to Joro himself too?

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