If Prince Harry loses his legal battle, he claims that “the entire nation is doomed.”

According to Prince Harry, if Associated Newspapers Limited (ANL) “evades justice” and he loses his legal battle with them, “the whole nation is doomed.”

The Duke is one of several well-known people who have filed lawsuits against ANL for misusing personal data.

In connection with a joint allegation of unauthorised information gathering, their witness testimonies were made public for the first time on Tuesday.

The Duke argued: What does that say about the industry as a whole and the consequences for our great country if the defendant, the owner of various national newspapers, including the Daily Mail which, by its own definition, is the most influential and popular newspaper in the UK, can evade justice without there being a trial of my claims.

The reality that Associated is attempting to stop me from filing my claim at this early stage cannot be described as fair.

“In my view, the entire country is doomed if the most powerful newspaper company is able to elude justice.”

During his appearances at the High Court, Prince Harry has been spotted carefully taking notes in a black leather notebook.

He did not, however, show up for today’s meeting on the third day,

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