If Peter Obi wins, Pere promises to return his US passport.

The Big Brother Naija contestant Pere Egbi, a former US military leader, has revealed what he would do if Peter Obi of the Labour Party were elected president.

The All Progressives Congress’ Bola Tinubu, the Labour Party’s Peter Obi, the Peoples Democratic Party’s Atiku Abubakar, and the New Nigeria Peoples Party’s Rabiu Kwankwaso are the four front-runners in Nigeria’s election, which will take place on this day, February 25, 2023.

If Obi won the election, Pere anticipated he would give his US passport back to the US government.

Also, he vowed to enlist in the Nigerian army and teach some of the military skills he had acquired while serving in the American military.

Pere tweeted; “If Peter Obi wins today, I would gladly return my U.S passport and then get involved with the Nigerian military, teach em a few things here and there.”

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Pere Egbi

In reaction, @abubakara40; Ordinary Whitemoney you no fit weley na Bandit you won come do here and there for. Hey Bandit respect the emblem on my neck? Them go use you do suya

@Miracle_Azaman; Y’all be capping alot on this app🤦🏽‍♂️. Just go out nd vote, stop chasing clout talmbout what u would do🙄

@Gbenga_Akinbote; This pere self, you all are just capping as you like on this app, you will teach Nigeria military few things, as what exactly? You are just a joke

@PerpetualAfriy5; You such an amazing personality and a great person. You are so courageous and brave. Wish y’all a safely election from here☺️🙏

@AOjaide; You can do all of that without returning your U.S passport… you’d need easy passage and breaking transport barriers to get some things done in government.

@Vallery37685849; I hope you stick to your words….most of you celebrities are up clout…this days nothing new under the sun,talk is cheap

@princessspam1; I love that, but no need to return your passport. Being a dual citizen is okay. However it would be nice to have you serve in our military

@KunleBash5; You should have done what you wrote there when he was the Governor.

@sogwason; What exactly are you gonna teach the Nigeria Military? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

@Peaches07419653; And when Peter Obi leaves abi? please hold on to your passport because Nigeria will not be loyal to you forever. You can still advice the military with your US passport in place.

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