If Don Jazzy can make it with his voice, I can do too – Speed Darlington

Controversial US-based Nigerian rapper, Speed Darlington has just said ace producer Don Jazzy, despite his not-so-good voice, made it in the music industry, which he believes is enough motivation for him.

In a video he posted on his Instagram page, Speedy mentioned that if Don Jazzy could be living the best life with proceeds from music, despite his ‘croaky voice’, then he is sure he will be alright and it is just a matter of time.

He captioned the video:

‘for sure my future in music industry is solid see voice and yet this guy has a very nice house or at least afford to rent in a clean neighborhood drives nice cars with this voice? I will be alright I know that for sure. Shout out to @donjazzy’.

Meanwhile speed Darlington recently fired a shot at embattled rapper Naira Marley, whom he claimed is talent-less. While wading into the lingering travail of the singer, Speedy mentioned that the fact that he is doing music doesn’t mean he can’t be into crime, so it is okay if they authorities investigate him.

He wrote:

Naija Is this the guy they arrested for fraud? I’ve been thinking did he do it or not? I am leaning towards he did. That car too nice without no oversea tour and he already super rich? 2.5 million streams that’s not necessary make you millionaires remember iTune pays him in naira not dollars and he already have all these nice things? it’s only common sense.

Just because a person do music doesn’t mean his a saint I am far from a saint myself. R.Kelly do music very good music but his attracted to young girls much younger girls, teenagers and his not even my age or 20s or teenager himself.

Anybody can do anything music or not if I was a Yahoo boy I would wait 2 more years. But you know my inspiration radiates on high frequency since I bought the Benzo everybody must have Benzo now. May God Almighty see him through he will overcome.

To the one named naira Marley I don’t even know how I feel about a person who models his named after somebody else I always got a problem with those people I don’t see anything Superstar when you model your name off somebody else it’s a sign of no Talent and anybody who calls himself somebody else I don’t see serious.

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