“If anything happens to me, please hold Kokozaria responsible” – Actress Adunni Ade raises alarm

Actress Adunni Ade has stated that Koko Zaria, a well-known road transport worker and MC Oluomo’s assistant, should be held accountable if anything were to happen to the woman.

If anything happens to me, please hold Kokozaria responsible - Actress Adunni Ade raises alarm (video)

Adunni alleged that Kokozaria told her not to meet him outside because he would “give her some sense” and then they would both go to the police station.

The whole issue began when Adunni criticised certain well-known individuals for allegedly raising funds to support a particular presidential candidate. A few actresses came up to criticise her for disregarding their choice. Adunni and Kemi Afolayan were criticised by Kokozaria, who was also running for the same office, for their remarks criticising the artists who reportedly raised money to assist a political cause.

‘’Look at Kemi Afolabi who has amounted to nothing in life, she is abusing us. We will not talk to her. God will ask her. Adunni Ade, that dirty girl . Those who love Asiwaju are the ones who came out to poarticipate in a rally called for by MC Oluomo. Don’t let me talk about you. If I do you will just go and die. 

What I will just tell the both of you is that none of you should ever meet me anywhere. Adunni Ade and the mad girl that calls herself Kemi Afolabi. The day I will meet you, you will know. I will not say more than that. We will teach you a lesson and then we will all go to the station.”Koko Zaria was filmed saying

Adunni says she has filed a complaint at the US Embassy and the relevant agencies about the threat, KokoZaria is yet to react to this development.

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