Ibinabo Fiberesima Speak On Regina Daniels Marriage,Slams Shan George

Actress and ex-AGN president Ibinabo Fiberesima has come out to give her two cents on the controversy surrounding Regina Daniels’ marriage to Ned Nwoko

– According to her post, neither Regina nor Nwoko should be criticized for their choices as neither one of them was forced into the union

– She went on to urge Shan George to apologize to Ned Nwoko for her recent post in which she insulted him

Ibinabo Fiberesima is the latest Nollywood celebrity who has weighed in on the controversy surrounding Regina Daniels’ marriage to billionaire Ned Nwoko and she had quite a lot to say about the couple and Nigerians who have been criticizing them.

According to her, Regina Daniels does not deserve to be insulted and mocked for the choice she made considering she is an adult who was neither forced by her mother or Nwoko to get married to him.

Fiberesima went on to describe Ned Nwoko as a kind and generous philanthropists who through his generosity, has help a lot of people across the world.

In the post below, she vouched for Ned Nwoko and described him as a kind and generous person. She went on to state that she sees nothing wrong in the two getting married as long as they’ve found happiness in each other.

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In the post below, she described Regina Daniels as a humble and decent girl and her mother, Rita Daniels as the true definition of a strong African woman who would do anything to ensure her children get the life they deserve.

She also went on to state that Nigerians didn’t have this much to say when Rita Daniels was struggling in the industry with Regina.

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In the final post, she called out actress Shan George, who had taken to social media to blast Ned Nwoko. According to Shan George, Nwoko is a shameless and disgusting man who marries children and spends money on greedy actresses.

To this, Fiberesima expressed her disappointment at the actress. She went on to advise Shan George to apologize to Ned Nwoko.


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