‘I Won’t Ever Be Back’ – Teacher Forced To Leave Class After Being Bullied By Students

An angry teacher was caught on a distressing TikTok video resigning from her position and leaving the classroom while yelling, “I’m just a stupid old white lady.” The unidentified woman appeared upset as she began to gather her belongings before storming out of the classroom.

With text over the video stating that “they made the teacher leave,” it is impossible to determine which school or even region of the US the incident occurred in. A male voice can be heard saying “woah isn’t no way,” students can also be heard laughing in the background. The teacher, seeing the students misbehaving, had an outburst and left the classroom.

As another member of the staff wearing a lanyard appears to be standing in the classroom and observing it, a woman can be heard saying, “Just come out.” The teacher said, “And people are laughing, I’m gonna go I don’t even care if I don’t get paid today. I’m just a stupid old white lady, that’s all. Yeah do whatever you want to do I don’t care. You’re gonna do it anyway. I’m walking, I’m walking right out the door. I won’t ever be back.”

Bullies “come in all ages,” many teachers have said in support of the woman, while also blaming parents for not controlling their children, as per Daily Mail. One said, “They literally brag about making teachers cry or quit like it’s cute or something.”

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