I was able to squat with Victor AD for a while. Singer, A.V.

Adindu, a rising singer Victor, often known as AV, has stated that before getting his big break in the music industry, he lived as a squatter with his friend Victor AD.

The “Big Thug Boys” hitmaker talked about his career and difficulties in a recent All-Nighter podcast episode.

He claimed that while sharing a home with Victor AD, he nevertheless went into the recording studio to collaborate with his producer in the hopes of finding success.

At the time, according to AV, he had not yet made his 2020 hit song available, therefore a significant chunk of what he was doing was composing music and eating at AD’s house.

He claimed that he was simply anticipating his death and had made the decision to live life to the fullest now.

Read his words below;

“I was living with Victor AD then, I was actually recording. I didn’t put out music then… I haven’t even released ‘Big Thug Boys’ yet.

I was just maing most of the time with my producer, recording music, eating, tryin to enjoy life before it ends…”

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