“I was a wedding planner and grooms used to hit on me” – marriage is waste of time’

Ex-wedding planner Nova Jewels argued that marriage is pointless since so many people marry for “fun” or “show,” and she even wagered on the longevity of relationships.

An ex-wedding coordinator believes marriage is a “total waste of time,” despite the fact that getting married is supposed to be one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

To ensure the success of their big day, couples worked closely with Nova Jewels, who is now an OnlyFans model.

The Scottish beauty, however, has acknowledged that some grooms approached her a little too closely and even attempted to bonk her before they said their vows at the altar.

Nova asserted that she would place “bets” to see if marriages would fail after spending five years fending off advances from unruly grooms-to-be (and his groomsmen).

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