I ran away from the $60 million home my family owned and slept in a friend’s studio. – Davido mentions

Popular Nigerian musician David Adeleke, often known as Davido, has admitted that he once fled his father’s $60 million family house in Lagos state to live in a friend’s studio.

He revealed this in an interview with Real 92.3 FM in Atlanta while denying the idea that his affluent upbringing made it simpler for him to achieve fame.

Davido claims that many people make assumptions about him because they don’t know his background, and that one of the challenges to his musical career was having a wealthy father.

Before attempting to demonstrate his skill as a musician, he said he needed to release a few tracks.

OBO continued by admitting that, unlike other artists from low-income backgrounds, he had never had to fight to feed himself.

Davido said; “People don’t really know about my past like the early part of my career. What was difficult for me was coming from a very wealthy background. Everybody just felt like, ‘Nah, his dad…This is money’. I dropped several records before they had to agree like, ‘Okay, he is actually good.’

“You know people love the grass to grace story. Everybody love the story of ‘I was down bad, now I’m up.’ I had never been really down bad. But I was passionate [about music]. We had a $60million-house in Nigeria that I ran away from; I was sleeping in my friend’s studio, hot. They were look at me crazy like ‘Bro, you better go home.’ I said, ‘I’m not going home.”

The ‘FEM’ singer went on to say that he would not have gone back home because his parents would have imprisoned him in order to stop him from doing music.

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