“I planned to Japa before winning Edo Reps election” – Edo Lawmaker-elect who won on the platform of Labour party speaks

Esosa Iyawe, a 40-year-old Benson Idahosa University alumnus elected to the House of Representatives to represent the Oredo Federal Constituency of Edo State during the National Assembly elections on February 25, has revealed that he had intended to leave the nation before the election.

I planned to Japa before winning Edo Reps election ? Edo Lawmaker-elect who won on the platform of Labour party speaks

Iyawe claimed in an interview with Punch that he switched to the Labour party after Obi left the PDP and joined it. Iyawe explained that the high expense of living and the miserable status of the country prompted him to seek for the seat, and that he had even made arrangements to move before he took the decision to enter politics.

He eventually won a  seat in the lower chamber with the Labour Party.

‘’At one point, I even had plans of relocating to another country because the more one works, the less one gets as the naira loses value daily. The cost of living is high while inflation is also skyrocketing even though Nigeria is blessed with natural resources. A lot of countries don’t have one-10th of what we have but they are living well due to proper planning while we are still battling to make things work for several years and we remain underdeveloped. So, I decided to put my hat in the ring to ensure that if Obi became the president, I would assist in making and supporting bills that would enable him to function well as one of his disciples. I believe that we need laws based on common sense to make things work. As an engineer, I believe  that I have the capacity to do things that will positively impact the people of Oredo. That was why I actually jumped into the race.”

On how he carried out his campaign and was able to make people vote for him, Iyawe said

‘’I prayed to God for people in the constituency to see the good things I was doing during the campaign. I didn’t conduct my campaign the way others did. I went to see the common man who the leaders had been using over the years. I told them that they could not collect money for their votes and still expect to get power. Collecting money means you sell your right to question the leaders when things are not going well in the country. My slogan during the campaign was: ‘You either take power or money’. I let them know that taking power means a better future for our children. If I wasn’t a candidate, I would have been among the people at the forefront of campaigning against the old order.”

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