“I never dated Sandra”– Yemi Cregx clears air

Yemi Cregx, a housemate on Big Brother Titans, has addressed his apparent relationship with Sandra.

Remember how social media people saw the conflict between Yemi Cregx and Sandra when the reality programme first started? Sandra’s problems with Khosi, Yemi’s Big Brother fling, were evidently due to the latter.

Other social media fans found some previous pictures of Sandra and Yemi wearing similar outfits a few weeks into the show, indicating that they had dated before meeting in the home. In a talk with the other female contestants, Sandra also disclosed that she knew Yemi before they entered Big Brother’s house.

Following his eviction, Yemi has been responding to some unanswered questions hovering around. Speaking on Naija FM, 102.7, Yemi debunked rumors that he has something intimate to do with Sandra. According to him, he and Sandra are friends and models of brands. He emphasized that they are closed friends but not a relationship as rumored.

“It wasn’t normal friendship. There was something attached to it. I won’t call it feelings but there was a bit of likeness…it was more than…”Yemi on what was between him and Sandra.

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