might go back to my husband- Mercy Aigbe,
Actress and fashion icon, Mercy Aigbe talks about her fashion and beauty business and reveals she is not yet divorced and might probably go back to her estranged hubby, Lanre Gentry…

How do you manage to keep cool with lots of controversies linked to you?

Controversies come with the job. Controversies sell and a lot of media knows that, so at times they come up with controversial stories and put it up out there and people will just want to contribute.

It’s okay, I have develop a thick skin for all that.
Any plan of remarrying again, considering your looks and attraction from men?

(Laughs!) Honestly, I have no such plans. I am not fully divorced, and I don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow. Never say never. I have put everything in God’s hands. If God says I will go back to my husband, it is fine. If God says am okay like this, then it’s fine too. Let God take absolute control of everything but there’s no plan of ever settling with someone else.

Lots of the younger actresses always say, they can’t talk about their success story, in terms of business without mentioning your name. Why do you always encourage them considering the envy and hate in the industry?

I love to support young, hardworking and enterprising women, not just with actresses alone, in other field as well, I do it a lot. Even if I don’t know you, I always support them, I derive joy supporting, hardworking, industrious and determined women. I know what I went through to get to where I am today, so I love to use my platform to support them, if that is the only way I can contribute and help them, why not, I know it’s not easy, so I need to encourage them, that is who I am.

What is the secret behind your good looks?
Ah! Ah. I watch what I eat, I eat healthy, drink a lot of water, stay out of trouble as much as I can and I worry less, any problem I cannot solve, I take it to God almighty and that has really help me to stay happy and beautiful.

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