“I look out for talent, luck and preparedness when signing artistes” Don Jazzy

Michael Collins Ajereh, better known by his stage as Don Jazzy, is a Nigerian music executive who has shared what he looks for in emerging talent.

He continued by saying that the lucky person also need luck, forethought, and talent.

This information was provided by the head of Mavin Records in an interview with Hauwa Magaji, a media figure. He added that his signees have to continually present themselves both before and after becoming famous.

Don Jazzy said;

“I look out for talent, luck, preparation, and being at the right place at the right time. Showcasing yourself is also important, even after someone discovers you.”

He said when asked if he felt bad about being taken advantage of;

“(American rapper) Kanye West says if you cannot use somebody and somebody cannot use you, you are useless. I am grateful that I can be used actually.
That means I am valuable enough to be used for something. I feel like if people can reach out to me for something that they need; it means I am valuable.”

He also discussed how he manages to juggle his social and private lives.

He said;

“I am not supposed to be an artiste. I and the camera don’t agree. However, I am better now. I actually prefer social media platforms such as Tiktok and Instagram.
I turn down public speaking invitations all the time. If the people in the room are just about 20 or 30 people, and it is a question and answer session, I can do it. I don’t even like going live on Instagram.”

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