”I have forgiven President Buhari”- Gov Ortom

On May 24, Samuel Ortom, the governor of Benue State, declared his forgiveness of President Buhari.

In response to inquiries on Arise Television, Governor Ortom revealed this.

Recall that in April, President Buhari asked angry Nigerians who were unhappy with his administration to forgive him.The President begged for pardon from everyone he might have offended.

Governor Oryom, who has been at odds with the Buhari administration for a long time over the disorderly behavior of herdsmen in his state, responded to the president’s request for forgiveness by saying;

 “I have forgiven President Muhammadu Buhari. He has taken us from top to bottom, but that does not mean we should continue to hold it on him, Thank God the constitution provides four years and after four years you can go in four second term and after second term you can another person will come. So we hope that the incoming administration will provide succor, will provide health, will provide security for our people, will provide economic development , will provide peace for our people. We have suffered for eight years. He doesn’t need to go to the Niger Republic. He should stay here (in Nigeria) with us. All of us should work with the incoming administration and by the grace of God, we shall go from bottom to top,” he said


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