I hate Yoruba with passion, Nigerian soldier declares

, May 21, 2019

I hate Yoruba with passion, Nigerian soldier declares

A Nigerian soldier has drawn the anger of his compatriots after his declaration of hatred for one of the tribes in the country.

The soldier, identified as Ifeanyi Oparaji, had taken to Facebook to announce his hatred for the Yoruba.

He wrote,

“I hate Yoruba with passion.”

However, Oparaji, who has since pulled down the post did not say if it is the Yoruba Language he detests or the Yoruba people

WuzupNigeria reports that the Igbo, Hausa and Yoruba are the three biggest tribes in Nigeria. Politically, the trio have had a tumultuous relationship, thus many Nigerians – regardless of their tribal leanings – have denounced Oparaji’s post as inciting.

Reacting in the comment section after the post was shared by Instablog9a on Instagram, one @angiestones_ wrote,

Some of my Igbo brothers steadily disgracing this nation. Allow Nigeria grow! STOP TRIBALISM!! We can all live together and marry each other regardless of tribal or religious differences, Nigeria will be better if we all learn to love each other 🤷‍♀️. I know some illiterates will come for me, tribalistic bigots 🚶‍♀️🚶‍♀️

Replying her @vancouvercharltz wrote:

that is there problem all this our igbos girl, any of them that has a Yoruba boyfriend she is ready to destroy her tribe just to get more love from his Yoruba boyfriend or husband. Some of our igbo women are mad and sell outs. Yoruba women can never attack there tribe like that I trust them for that.

@xyx_mane also learnt his voice, saying:


@redacted_files said:

Naa it has nothing to do with people like me. It’s reality. Keep lying to yourselves. There is still racism in the world till today. There’s still sexism, there’s still statism, there’s a lot of things in the world that can never be changed. Other parts of Nigeria will always have a problem with igbos and igbos will always have issues with other tribes. We can never be one. If Nigeria was one, then they would let all parts of Nigeria take turns in leading the country. It’s time we accepted the truth. There are reasons why things are as they are. The truth is bitter to swallow. So instead most humans decide to believe in a lie. Cause it gives them some sort of hope. It is well

Also lending his voice comedian @klintdadrunk wrote:

Yoruba the word or Yoruba the tribe? Because if it’s the word then maybe he’s having problems spelling it as sometimes, it’s hard to know if the letter U comes after O or before the letter B. Just like I don’t know when I spell Igbo as the tribe and Igbo as in weed if they’re both the same or different.

He later added:

It’s actually sad to see someone come out to condemn a whole people. It’s tribalistic and racist at the same time. Every tribe has the good the bad and the ugly. He should undergo proper psychiatric evaluation. You deal with people one person at a time cos you might end up messing up who is ment to help you in the future. Just saying though.

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