I Gave My Wife N200k After Selling Our Baby For N1.8m – Father Confesses

Daniel Chigozie, a suspected child trafficker, in the early hours of this morning, during an interview with newsmen has described how he sold his nine-month-old child before being apprehended. In Daniel Chigozie’s words:

“The first time, I collected N150,000 from my uncle’s wife for giving her my baby. Secondly, I was paid N400,000 and the third buyer paid N700,000. After selling our baby for over N1.2m, I gave my wife two hundred thousand naira (N200k). Later, I added N50,000 to my wife’s money so that she will use it to buy a phone.”

Narrating further, Mr. Chigozie said, “I cleared some of my debts with the money I made while my wife used her share for business. I was supposed to give the nurse that helped us in selling the baby N100,000 but my wife said it was too much so I eventually gave her N30,000.”

On how he was arrested, Mr. Chigozie said, “first, my wife brought police officers to arrest me but they could not because I told them I would stab myself with a knife if they do. Later, Amotekun officers came for me and I am still in their custody.”

Lastly, the suspect said, “selling my nine months-old child was the devil’s doing. As a matter of fact, my wife gave birth to her through a Caesarean section. I pray that almighty God forgives me.”

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