‘I didn’t destroy my husband’s first marriage, his ex wife left on her own” – Foluke Daramola responds to husband snatching allegation

Foluke Daramola, a Nollywood actress, has reacted to claims that she kidnapped Kayode Salako from his ex-wife.

The Nollywood actress allegedly kidnapped Kayode from his wife while posing as a coach at a school, according to a Twitter user.

At the time of the occurrence, the tweep claimed to be a student at the institution.

She apologised in her note. Can’t take her seriously, but I’m not passing judgement.

“Because every time I see dis woman I’m reminded of how she came into my sec school as acting coach and ended up snatching the school owner’s husband.

“Both of them took the school from the proprietress who had inherited it from her mum.”

Reacting to the allegation, the actress via her Instagram page addressed the issue, she stated that Kayode’s wife left on her own free will.

She also admitted that her husband is a polygamist who has children with multiple women, Foluke continued by saying that she is his sole legal spouse.

The actress added that the school in question was established by her husband’s relative and not owned by her husband’s ex-wife who left their marriage.

Daramola further added that though she and her husband are not rich like some Nigerian billionaires, they are however contented with what they have.

Also recalling how she and her husband were separated for over a year before coming back to make their marriage work, she concluded by saying that she’s not someone that comes on social media to talk about men being snatched because they are not items.

“First and foremost, I am not an academic, everyone knows that I am an actress. I never met my husband at the school, we met on a civil society ground, Change Agent of Nigeria precisely.

“I am a very busy person, I can’t be throwing stones at everybody but it is expedient for me to respond to this one. It is only a dead person that they will lie against that wouldn’t be able to defend herself. I am not a dead person and I will not die in Jesus name.

“At first, I didn’t know Kayode’s first wife, I had never met her before, I didn’t know anything about her. Whatever transpired between her and her husband then, I didn’t have the faintest of idea about it

“What Kayode Salako told me about that school is that it is owned by a relative, they started that school when he had nothing. Mind you, if the school is not owned by him, the real owner should have collected it about 13 years ago when they started.

“I don’t know what is happening in that school, I can’t even remember the last time I set my foot on the ground of that school.

“I am the only legal wife of Olukayode Salako, he is a polygamist, he has other children from other women. I can’t crucify him for that.

“We are not Femi Otedola, we are not stupendously rich but we are happy. We might not have what Dangote have but what my husband has, I am happy with it. Olukayode Salako gives me peace of mind, he allows me to fly, he encourages me.

“Lately, we were separated for a year, we didn’t come on social media to make noise about it. We went our different ways but he realized that he couldn’t do without me, we came back and spoke about our problem and we decided to continue from where we stopped.

“I didn’t come to social media to shout that they snatched my husband. So where is the narrative coming from.

“Is a man a commodity to be snatched? If a man decides to walk out of a relationship, are you going to fight him?” she asked.

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