“I did not say anything that didn’t happen” – Singer Brymo ‘apologises’ to those angered by his tweet as he addresses accusations of insulting the Igbos

Brymo, a Nigerian singer, responded to individuals who had accused him of insulting the Igbo ethnicity on social media.

Brymo claimed that the entire ordeal began with him questioning why prolific author Chimamanda would take a chieftancy title in her native Anambra while rejecting the national honour granted to her by the federal government. This reveals a lot about the Igbo presidency, he claimed.

 I suggested that for me, it says a lot about the Igbo presidency because that actual seat is what the region should be eyeing right now. I have clamoured for Igbo presidency in the last few years, you wouldn’t believe it.

“It will pop in your mind when you hear the news that Igbos do not actually want the presidency.

He said after his comments, he received death threats and a petition was raised against him at the AFRIMMA awards. It was at this point that people asked him to apologize but he refused and instead, wrote on Twitter; ”fvck the Ndigbo, to hell with it.” According to him, he wasn’t referring to the Igbos, as ”people cannot be described as it.” He said he was reffering to ”peddlers of the movement” of the petition against him.

Brymo further claimed that Fvck you means ”I don’t want to have anything to do with it,” ”I don’t care about it,” ”save me with it,” ”I don’t care about you.” However a petition is ”hurtful, harmful, going after the person’s livelyhood,” and that was why he didn’t apologize.

He added that he didn’t say anything that isn’t true about the Igbos and didn’t insult the tribe and that he’s sorry to those who felt his tweet was insulting.

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