Reacting to the viral video, Daddy Freeze has found a way to drag the church into the mess. The OAP says the church is to blame for her downfall, because they have taught their members to be greedy because of how they live their own lives. WOW!

He wrote:

“Even if she is wrong, I do not support putting a woman through this level of humiliation. Join me today as I teach why the church is partly to blame for this. Many pastors have made greed their creed, teaching greed as a replacement for need.”

A lot of people disagreed with Daddy Freeze, the comment section under this post was fired up with opposite reactions, most of which countered Daddy Freeze’s own. How is the church to blame? How do you join the two of them…

One user in particular identified as @praisegeorge, vehemently disagreed with Daddy Freeze. She asked him this “Please in what way was she encouraged, instigated and supported by a pastor to do what she did? She is solely responsible for what she did. Her own greed and foolishness moved her to do it.”

@iam_lizanel opinion isn’t far fetched from the former, the user says “This has nothing to do with pastors and the church to me….. this is an example of intimidation by people’s wealth….the flashy lives on IG must have instigated her to do this… trying to move with the trend in order not to feel left out…forgetting that there’s more to what meets the eye… i feel sorry for her though… too bad”

Curvy celebrity Latasha Ngwube also lended her voice to stand against Daddy Freeze’s opinion, she said “Her actions were damn near criminal and highly influential to the already lazy and diabolically minded youths (male and female) that are prone to nonsense and impressionable!!!

“What is the difference between this and yahoo yahoo??? And if we are to really analyze the fact that she’s a woman then it would be that she’s a MAJOR disappointment to hardworking females across the country who are indeed laboring to build respectable brands.”


A sarcastic comment by a woman identified as @lola__lagos sealed the deal.  The user said “Of course, the pastors are always to be blamed for every bad thing that happens to every Nigerian in this country. I’m sure it was a pastor that sent her to do this ”

Source: Yabaleftonline.ng

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