“I am hurt I just saw it now” – Rema opens up on the last message Mohbad sent to him

After disclosing the final message he received from the late musician Mohbad, Rema has faced a significant reaction.

On September 12, 2023, the late singer tragically passed away at the young age of 27.

Rema, the “Calm Down” vocalist, who is mourning Mohbad, expressed his extreme displeasure in the wake of the tragedy Mohbad, saying that no one should have to die in such a way and that was just the beginning.

However, Rema drew fire for admitting that he disregarded Mohbad’s post on his Instagram profile in 2020, when the late artist expressed how much he cherished his song “Peace Of Mind.”

It is now too late to respond, he stated, adding that he didn’t read the message till Mohbad’s passing.

Rema wrote; “No one deserves to go like this I’m hurt I never saw your DM You wrote ‘Peace of mind’ was your favorite song Now it’s too late to write vou back. God’s Angels be with you, Rest well King.”

__funkygold reacted: Must you even include I never saw your dm? Write your tribute in peace ✌️ Una to dey form classism abeg.

_lov_issabella: So now that he’s dead you want to reply his text??? How did you know he messaged you if u never saw the text ,all of unah nah hypocrites you ignored his message con Dey talk rubbish now ,celebrate people when they are alive not when they are dead.

endylight1: If you wanna write a tribute please do and leave stories for another day. You didn’t see his Dm but you Selena Gomez own.

chy0msss: “I never saw your DM “ Is that really necessary? So you can’t write your tribute without including that part ? Mtchewwww, Abeg shift one side.

endylight1: You did not see his Dm but you saw Selena Gomez own. Let’s learn to support our own 😮.

humble__mercy___: Hin message suppose dey top now since hin even dey verified. But God knows best❤️ who am I to judge ?

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