Husband catches his pregnant wife having sex with another man in hospital

In the Apac District of Uganda, a pregnant woman who had been hospitalised for five days due to malaria was caught by her husband having sex with a 24-year-old guy.

According to reports, the accused entered the female ward at Apac Hospital and committed the crime there.

When the woman’s husband, Mr. Alex Okuta, went to check on her after she had spent five days in the hospital and caught them in the act, the suspect’s luck ran out.

On January 12, 2023, Mr. David Wills Ndaula, the police commander for the Apac District, acknowledged the occurrence and stated that the accused was charged with making a public nuisance.

According to Ndaula, the police have started looking into the situation.

We have preferred charges of causing public nuisance against the suspect, but we are still investigating and will update you at an appropriate time,” he added. 

Mr Joseph Onuk, Apac Hospital’s administrator, regretted the incident that he believes could have been avoided in the first place.

“I put the blame on the husband of this woman,” he said, adding, “How can you send your wife to the hospital and you take long without checking on her? Some men always say that they are so busy. Somebody who is not busy will take away your wife.” he said. 

The woman’s husband, a resident of Abwal “A” Village in Chegere Sub-county in Apac District, confirmed that his sick wife cheated on him.

“I made a surprise visit to the hospital to check on my wife then I found that man in bed with my pregnant wife,” he revealed, adding that his wife had been “admitted because she was suffering from malaria.

Husband catches his pregnant wife having sex with another man in hospital

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