Hunter Shot Dead After His Dog Stepped On The Trigger Of His Rifle

A 32-year-old Kansas hunter was found dead in his car on Saturday, with sheriffs concluding that he was killed when his dog stepped on the trigger of his rifle.

The unnamed man from Wichita was found near the hamlet of Geuda Springs, 50 miles south of Wichita and home to 194 people just north of the Oklahoma border.

Sheriffs believe he died at around 9:40am.

‘A canine belonging to the owner of the pickup stepped on the rifle causing the weapon to discharge,’ the sheriff’s office said. 

‘The fired round struck the passenger who died of his injuries on scene.’ 

Sheriffs did not name the man, but many on social media mocked his injuries.

One friend defended him.

‘To all the comedians and weapons experts here: This boy was my friend, having been best friends for over 20+ years with his dad,’ he wrote. 

‘These comments are hateful. 

‘I know this family very well and cannot tell you how much their hearts hurt right now. Shame on you.’ 

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