“How you treat women reflects on you” – Obi Cubana’s wife challenges guys who are against empowering their partners

The wife of Anambra-born millionaire Obinna Iyiegbu, often known as Obi Cubana, Ebele Iyiegbu, takes on males who think investing time in a woman’s development is pointless.

Her spouse had written a piece encouraging men to elevate their partners.

Some men, however, said that it would be a waste of time to do that because the relationship might end in failure because they were misled by prior bad experiences.

Mrs. Iyigbu responded by saying that although the comments might be true, nice women still exist.

Lawyer claims that a woman is a reflection of how her guy treats her and that women flourish in relationships of love and care. She asserted that good women typically find it difficult to leave a relationship and advised men to be particularly watchful of how they treat their partners.

She also counseled women to alter the perception of themselves as trustworthy individuals when they are created by their spouses.

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