Houses shake as an earthquake strikes areas of the United Kingdom at midnight.

Many people claimed to have felt their homes “shake,” while others said the earthquake felt like “an explosion going off.”

Last night, there was an earthquake that shook the UK, with reports of “rattling” from South Wales to the West Midlands.

The European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) estimated the earthquake’s magnitude at 3.8, whereas Google’s Android Earthquake Notification System gave it a magnitude of 4.2.

The EMSC reported that it happened at a depth of two kilometres at 11.59 p.m., placing the position at 12 kilometres (7.45 miles) north of Rhondda.

Many people claimed to have felt their house walls “shake,” while others said the quake had the sensation of “a bomb going off.”

“I’m in Rhymney and felt the house shake. I checked online to see if anyone else had experienced it, and it was an earthquake in South Wales.” I believe I need a new pair of pants, tweeted @KrissOttley.

User Danielle Morgan wrote on Facebook: “It certainly felt worse than a light shaking in Ebbw Vale. We believed that someone had struck the vehicles on our drive. Frightening! brought out the entire farm, leaving them in the dark. The entire building vibrated violently.

Jason Humphries replied to her post by saying, “I heard a loud bang that sounded like a bomb just went off, then my entire kitchen shook, my cat was frightened — it was weird, it only lasted seconds but it left an impression.”

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