Hotel Staff Shoots Customer For Complaining About Malfunctioning TV

Kingsley Enageghe, the Director of Queens Victory Guest House, has been accused of shooting one of his customers, Kelvin Nwabuno.

Enageghe was alleged to have shot Nwabuno alongside his friend, Abdulahi Animashahun, 30, and a student, Charles Edet, 18, in the Ijeshatedo area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the incident happened on Thursday, January 5, 2023, on the premises of the guest house.

Nwabuno lodged in the guest house on Monday, January 2, and spent three days there. But trouble reportedly started when he delayed renewing his payment on the fourth day.

While he reportedly promised to make the payment around 4pm the same day, Enageghe was said to have insisted on collecting the money and ordered Edet, who was the barman, to collect the room key from him.

The guest said he later called Animashahun, who came around to speak to the director on the matter.

Nwabuno’s words: “The cash I was expecting later came in. I went to use an ATM and left my wife and little child, who joined me on Wednesday in the guest house. By the time I returned, they had been sent out of the room. I was expected to pay N4,500, and I paid N9,000 for the extra day to avoid insults and embarrassment.”

“After paying, I called the director and complained that my television had not been working since I moved in, but he said I should never tell him what to do.”

“He started insulting me and I insulted him back. So, he gave me back my money to leave his hotel. I went back to the room with my wife, my friend, and the barman.

“While we were packing our things, he (Enageghe) came and started shouting at me. He pushed me and I pushed him back; then he removed a gun and threatened to shoot me. I told him he could not kill me, then he moved back, cocked the gun, and pulled the trigger. The bullets hit my thigh, the legs of my friend, and the barman. My wife and my baby were lucky not to have been hit.”

The 35-year-old businessman said while the suspect had been arrested, and transferred to the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID), Yaba, Enageghe has refused to continue paying for their medical treatments.

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