Horror moment plane’s door springs OPEN mid-air leaving passengers terrified

The terrifying moment a plane door suddenly swung open mid-flight, terrifying the terrified passengers that they would be “blown out.”

As cargo was being dragged out of the Antonov AN-26, the Russian flight’s captain was forced to make an emergency landing in frigid -41C weather.

The rear door burst open shortly after takeoff in one of the world’s coldest places, causing hats belonging to the 25 passengers to fly off heads and disappear into the bone-chilling air.

The door at the back of the plane opened during the flight
The door at the back of the plane opened during the flightCredit: East2West News
The pilot had to make an emergency landing

The IrAero Antonov aircraft, which had taken off from Magan in the Siberian region of Yakutia heading for Magadan on Russia’s Pacific coast, is seen in footage with its door wide open.

As he records the terrifying episode, the man can be heard yelling in disbelief at the open door behind him.

A male passenger said: “A man sitting at the rear of the plane was nearly blown away. 

“He had just unfastened his seat belt.

“And he was almost blown out of the plane.”

The door, used to load cargo and luggage, is normally curtained off from the passengers at the back of the plane but was seen flapping wildly.

Despite the intense cold in the cabin during the drama, all passengers on board were “safe” as the pilot made a rapid emergency landing.

Passenger Sergei Lidrik, 33, from Magadan, said it took 15 minutes from a “loud pop” when the door blew open until the plane landed at the same airport they had just left.

 He said: “People were shocked at first. 

“The older women were frozen hard. 

“People had their hats blown off. They were afraid their luggage had fallen out too, but most of it was in the nose of the plane. 

“The men sitting in the back of the plane were freezing cold.”

It is believed all the passengers were strapped in for takeoff and wearing coats.

An investigation is underway into the disturbing incident. 

One aviation expert told The Insider that the twin-engine turboprop planes should no longer be used. 

He said it was “little surprise” the locking system on the door had malfunctioned.

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