“Hilda Baci sells something else other than food” — Pastor bashes chef over indecent dressing

The renowned chef Hilda Baci is the target of criticism from an unnamed clergyman who also denounces her fashion choices as impure.

"Hilda Baci sells something else other than food" — Pastor bashes chef over indecent dressing (Video)

Recall that the chef gained notoriety by aiming to set a new Guinness World Record for the longest cooking hour, which she eventually did by 100 hours.

In a recent sermon, the pastor claimed that Hilda Baci’s outfits are an integral part of who she is and that she sells more than simply meals because of some obscene images on her Instagram profile.

“Hilda Baci dresses indecently, you can know a lot about a person by the way they dress, it doesn’t matter the Guinness world record she breaks, she is selling something but it’s definitely not Food,” he said in part.

Reactions that followed …

Officialdesire_ wrote: “Na still harlot God tell Hosea to marry for Bible, na harlot God still use help Caleb & Phinehas escape when they went to spy the land of canaan, na still harlot wash & perfumed Jesus’ feet with the most precious oii from alabaster box .. so leave our harlot alone, we love her like that, God loves her like that Mr. Perfect Pastor. Pls focus on your ministry cause you have no idea of the grace she carries. T for thanks!”

Adamazi_singles_connect penned: “This one na Mumu preacher”

Oluwadremo__ stated: “Pure Truth ,if you don’t believe go to court!”

Macaulayrume noted: “They always jump on what’s trending leaving important issues.. I bet you where this church is the state the place the town more security issues happening.. but na watin trend for another city entirely na be their Aproko topic”


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