As we all know that pre-wedding pictures are now the latest trend that partners who are set to tie the knot do. These couples and photographers go extra miles to add creativity to these pictures so as to have something that would make them stand out amongst others; they wanted pictures that one would see as a totally different thing from what we are used to. However, some of the pre-wedding pictures came out quite funny and ‘crazy’.

We come across some Nigerian couples who choose beautiful spots, natural environments and traditional scenes for their pre-wedding photos. So we bring to you funny and weird pre-wedding pictures of some Nigerian couples that we were able to compile.

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Feed your eyes below;

1. The upside down couple

hilarious pre-wedding pictures

Well, what can we say? This couple still look adorable in their playful mood.

2. Oga and Madam 

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3. Supergirl

hilarious pre-wedding pictures

4. The toilet couple

Love is about sharing they say; this couple sharing a moment like this is definitely funny. You can give this a trial by doing so too for your pre-wedding picture.

5. The flying groom

I believe I can fly. The groom must have had this R. Kelly’s song in mind when this pre-wedding picture was taken.

6. Na only you waka come

This is quite hilarious, ‘na only you waka come’ is a popular phrase in Nigeria. Or was the bride waiting for more men to propose to her?

7. Mami water love?

Kudos to whoever brought up this water concept. We know their love can survive while being immersed in water.

8. The ‘I No go gree’ bride

This is quite a funny pre-wedding picture, the hunt is over really with the game in ropes. But this is totally different from what we have seen.

9. The suspended groom

This is quite hilarious, Nigerian couples are really trying to be creative.

10. The grabbing couple

The groom could not wait.

11. The ‘this is how we do it’ couple

What can we call this couple now? Clears throat…simply unique we must say.


13. What a man can do…




14 pre-wedding photos that will have you scratching your head

Sitting on her bride price In light and in the darkness When the situation in the country forces you to rethink your bride price. A couple has gone viral on the internet after they shared a very awkward pre-wedding photo ahead of their wedding. The couple who decided to be unique in the pre-wedding picture, got many online users talking over their manner of pose for the photo-shoot.

17. Acrobatic Couples

Even Nigerians had reacted to the picture, read their comments below;

. Traditional love in a modern setting Fresh love. Cooking in matching clothes is obviously the way forward.

14 pre-wedding photos that will have you scratching your head



21. The floating bride


23. The Giant and his petite bride

24. The ‘I must feel it’ couple


26. The ‘You sign or we die here’ couple

Source: Nairaland/Naija Weddings/ Yabaleft

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