He’s now a software engineer – Lady finds bricklayer’s son crushing on her in JSS2

A Nigerian woman named Peace Ighodaro recently began hunting for a former classmate after remembering how he developed a crush on her.

The young woman used Twitter to begin a search for the man who had a crush on her when he was younger, according to a recent post from dailygam.

She stated the man known as Funmilayo bought her a sausage bun and a carbonated soft drink when they were in Junior Secondary School 2. (JSS2).

Peace claimed that the child was the offspring of a bricklayer who had gone above and beyond to express his love for her by buying gala and Mountain Dew.

Yet he unexpectedly stopped going to school after his father died in a terrible working accident.

She relayed the story in response to a woman’s remark that her last Valentine’s Day celebration occurred when she was a high school student.

Peace extended an open invitation to him to contact him if he ever came across her Twitter tweet.

She wrote; “Fumilayo bought me Gala and Mountain Dew in Jss 2, he probably had to save to get it 🥹. The boy had a huge crush on me. His father was a bricklayer and died when he fell from a building. Fumilayo never came back to school. Fumilayo please dm me whenever you see this.”

A few days later, Peace sent an update, explaining that she had discovered Funmilayo and that he was now a software developer.

She posted images of her conversation with him on Instagram, in which he discussed details about their school, to demonstrate that he was the person she was looking for.

Peace Ighodaro

The lady captioned; “I have found Funmilayo guyssss!!! 😩 He is a software engineer now and ok. Thanks for retweeting guys. 💛”

Peace Ighodaro

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