“He Reported Me To His Kingdom of Darkness” – Lady Shares Ordeal With Online Admirer After Collecting Shoe Gift

A young lady who pleaded anonymity has shared her experience with an ‘evil’ man she met online.

Sharing her story to Twitter user @au_badela, she narrated how she met the guy online and decided to meet him physically for the first time.

However, after the first meeting, she didn’t feel anything for him and opened up to the man about it.

He pleaded for a second chance which she granted. On their second date, he got her two gifts including a pair of shoes. She tested the shoes and although they didn’t fit perfectly, she accepted the gift from him.

Surprisingly, she began to have evil dreams after the meeting and after prayers, she discovered that he was an evil man who wanted to use her spiritually.

In her words:

“I met this guy online and after our first date I felt nothing and I told him the truth. He begged and asked for a second chance so I gave him and we had a second date.”

“On the second date, he bought me two gifts. One was one pair of shoes which he asked me to try in front of him. It was tight but I thanked him and accepted the shoes.”

“Fast forward after a few days I started having bad dreams about this guy so I told my spiritual aunt about him so we prayed about him and it was shown to me that this guy wanted to use my shadow.”

“I intensified the prayers and backed off from him then it was shown to me that he went to report me to his kingdom of darkness. Last dream I had he begged me and I used cane to beat him.”

“Before this final dream he messaged me begging for the shoes but I refused to give it back to him because I had put my foot into one of the shoes so that’s what he needed to complete his evil work.”

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