“He Loves You”: Cute photo of Male Student Who Always Visits His Pretty Teacher’s Office Causes Stir

A lovely female teacher named @audriwill_ recently posted about a pupil who frequently stopped by her office.

The image demonstrates how content the young man was with her at all times. The boy visited her workplace up to eight times in one day, she counted.

The child danced while referring to his instructor as a beautiful person at one point. He always felt at ease in her presence.

Many people who reacted to the post said that the boy has found a very safe space around her. The teacher-student relationship looks indeed strong.

As at the time of writing this report, the video has gathered close to 2,000 comments with more than 200,000 likes.

“He needs you probably more than you think.”

“Definitely the kid who comes back after graduation just to see you.”

kiaG said:

“This my lil brother and he acts the exact same way at home.”

“Don’t it feel good tho .. to know you the favorite teacher.”

Imani said:

“That’s how you know 1) your good at your job and 2) making an impact in their life.”

“You’re his safe space!”

“You are his safe space where he knows he can succeed, make mistakes w/o judgement, and be cared for. I miss my students.”

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