Groom killed after bride’s ex gifted them sound system rigged with explosives

After receiving an explosive-rigged music system from his bride’s ex, a 25-year-old groom was killed in an explosion.

The newlywed groom was assassinated while at home with relatives in Chhattisgarh’s Kabirdham district, India, on April 1, only one day after their wedding.

The bridegroom, 25-year-old Hemendra Merawi, and his brother, 30-year-old Rajkumar, unwrapped a music system that had been a wedding present for Hemendra and his wife. The gadget burst after being put up and turned on, authorities told The Express.


In addition to the ammonium nitrate, Markam also utilized 1.5 kilograms of gunpowder he had taken from firecrackers, gasoline and several other materials to rig the music system, The Express reported.


Markam then had a friend take him to the wedding venue on March 31 where he placed the wrapped music system under several wedding gifts before departing.


Markam’s friend who gave him a ride had no knowledge of Markam’s plans, police told The Express. 


Markam faces life imprisonment under India’s Explosive Substances Act, Vice reported. 

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