Gov Soludo calls for Nnamdi Kanu’s unconditional release, offers to stand as surety

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu, has been imprisoned, and Governor Chukwuma Charles Soludo, CFR, has pleaded with the Nigerian government to “unconditionally and urgently” free him.

On Saturday, January 14, the governor of Anambra state made the announcement at a political event in Awka, the state’s capital.

Further asserting that the detained IPOB leader should be released to him if an unconditional release is not possible, Governor Soludo said that he is willing to stand surety for the IPOB leader.

“I am making a passionate appeal to the Federal Government to release Mazi Nnamdi Kanu unconditionally. If he cannot be released unconditionally, I want him released to me and I will stand surety for him.

We need Nnamdi Kanu in the roundtable conversation to discuss the insecurity in the South East. We must end insecurity in the South East and we need Nnamdi Kanu to be around.”

Soludo promised to cater for Nnamdi Kanu and also offered to bring  him to the authorities any time he is required

“I will house him here in Awka. We need him released to end insecurity in the South-east,” he said.

Kanu was arrested by the Federal government in June 2021 and has been in detention since then.

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