“Good People Exist”: Woman in Tears as Lady Gifts her Provision Store Filled with Goods

JoJo of Lele, a nice woman, has won praise for her kind deed toward a total stranger.

She requested a woman to take over a shop that was full of merchandise in front of an emotive display.

When learning that the shop was hers, the woman’s expression was one of shock. As someone recorded her, she sprung up and screamed with joy.

The thankful woman thanked the compassionate woman for her generosity and then prayed for her.

Sharing IT via Instagram, JoJo of Lele said:

“I gifted this woman a shop full of goods and her reaction will melt your hearts.” Social media reactions @jay_strands said: “God! Reaching people like this has been my dream don’t stop! Is well.”

@ahmedtaofeek590 wrote: “Hmmmm this is so lovely I can understand and I pray you he happy too insha Allah.” @assiddiqyy_asileke1 added: “It shall be well with u my sister I was crying the way am watching it I don’t know what to say u do good.”

@brainie7 reacted: “How can I like this a million times, for the very first time I believe that people genuinely bless people online..God bless you in all ramification.”

@apostleasiwaju1 added: “From today I must make sure I pray for u. God bless u for what u have done. Find a way to talk to me I want to tell u something very important.”


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