Ghanaian man dumped by his girlfriend attempted sucide- Video

In a devloping story shown in a video that has gone viral, a Ghanaian man who was dumped by his girlfirend whom he loved more than life attempted to commit sucide.

He had locked himself in his room, after telling his friend he was tired of living so his friends were worried that he might resort to sef harm. After series of calls placed by friend were unanswered they decided to barge into his room just to be sure of his well-being only to find Gee was in the process of committing suicide.

He had in his hand poison and was weeping uncontroable. They took the poison from him and saved his life

It was alleged that the boy lover boy had even written a suicide note blaming the girl who dumped him for all that he is going through.

Now this is becoming serious my African people, all this home video we are playing with out life needs to be stopped. Why kill yourself and then make someone else live with the guilt forever.

Watch the video below;

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