Ghanaian actor, Chris attoh is now a suspect IN wife’s murder

Ghanaian Actor, Chris Attoh Is Now A Suspect In Wife’s Murder -See Details

Greenbelt Police Department that has been occupied recently with the investigation of the murder case of Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jennifer as they disclosed that Ghanian actor,  Chris Attoh is now a suspect in his wife’s murder few days after a sketch of the suspect who shot Bettie Jennifer dead was released.

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George Matthews, a spokesman for the US police agency in Washington, D.C. who confirmed that Chris Attoh is now a suspect in his wife’s murder, said they are now investigating Chris Attoh’s tweet which came up few minutes before the murder of his wife.  The 10th May tweet read;

“When it comes to relationships, remaining faithful is never an option but a priority. Loyalty is ever”.

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“That’s all part of the investigation. “As far as I know, [Attoh is] fully cooperating,” said George Matthews according to a report by Ghanaweb.

“This happened in broad daylight, in front of multiple witnesses, right in front of an office complex. Around 5 p.m. Friday, Jenifer walked out of the office building and headed to her car. She saw a man with a gun and started running.

“(She) was chased by the suspect who fired multiple shots at the victim striking her twice, once fatally in the head,” said Mathews”.

“Investigators are casting a wide net to try to find the suspect. The man is described as a black male, thin build, bearing a black, sleeveless top. He got into a blue vehicle and took off after killing Jenifer. Nowadays, you always want to look at social media,” Mathews concluded.

It would be recalled that the Police released a sketch of the suspect in the killing of Bettie Jenifer, in the parking lot of the office building where her employment agency is located. Bettie got married to Ghanaian actor Chris Attoh in October last year.

“Our investigators do not believe this was random. It was very brazen – it happened in broad daylight in front of multiple witnesses,” said police department spokesman George Mathews about the incident at the time.

Also recall that few days after she was killed the face of the drug lord that Chris Attoh’s wife, Bettie Jennifer was married to was revealed, all the while Bettie was also married to the cute actor, Chris.

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According to report the drug lord, Kendrick Jenifer who Chris Attoh’s wife was also married to, is currently serving 20-years prison sentence importing large amounts of cocaine into Baltimore from Texas.

Bettie was still in the process of divorcing Kedrick, a Baltimore-area when she was killed. She was reportedly living in Kedrick’s house before her murder.

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It was alleged that the Kingpin of ‘Jenifer drug trafficking organisation’ distributed at least 45o kilograms of cocaine in Baltimore and Woodbridge, Virginia.

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“Kendrick Jenifer lived large as a major Baltimore drug dealer, but now he will lose all of his toys and live for two decades in federal prison’ the Greenbelt Police Department said in its statement. However, Chris Attoh’s aide who commented on his behalf over his wife’s murder said;

“Waka Talent Agency is saddned by the death of Bettie Jenifer, who was married to our client, Mr Chris Attoh”.

“We would like to note that the family has requested to mourn in private and therefore will not be doing my press interviews or commenting on the death”.

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