Ghana Arrests⛓ 81 in Separatist Crackdown: 🔊Police

Police in Ghana said on Wednesday they had arrested 81 people accused of supporting the declaration of an eastern region as an independent country.
The sweeping arrests follow the detention of eight of the group’s reported leaders on Sunday as they prepared to declare the region as their own nation, according to officers, meaning a total of 89 have been detained.
Police said the group were members of the “Homeland Study Group Foundation”, or HGSF, which campaigns for a separate nation in Ghana’s eastern Volta region, which they call “Western Togoland”.
The arrests on Wednesday were made in a joint military and police operation across the Volta region, the majority around the town of Ho, some 150 kilometres (95 miles) northeast of the capital Accra.
“We arrested 81 members of the Homeland Study Group Foundation for their involvement in an intended demonstration against the arrest of their leaders,” said Prince Dogbatse, police spokesman of the Volta region.
Source: Ghana web

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