Futo student who slumped and Died, returns to life after hours of prayer

God still answers prayer

FUTO Student Who Slumped & Died, Returns To Life After Hours Of Prayer & Weeping By Other Students — Soaznews

It would have been a black Sunday in Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO), as a 200 Level Student of the institution identified as Valentine Rachael Oparacha from Department of Biochemistry slumped & passed out.

According to eyewitness ‘Chiamaka Obumma’, who is currently the institution’s Governor for hostel C, she wrote;

“God performed a miracle in FUTO on Sunday evening as a student slumped and was gasping for breath until she stopped breathing, and then came back to life.

Valentine Rachael Oparacha, a 200 level student in the Biochemistry Department, finished doing her laundry. All of a sudden, she slumped and began to lose her breath gradually until she stopped breathing. Girls in the hostel rushed out. There was so much pandemonium as Hostel C was overcrowded with girls. They tried carrying her but she was too big and heavy. They began looking for boys to come help in carrying her to FUTO Medicals. Finally, they got people who carried her to FUTO Medicals. Then, tragedy struck!

When they got to FUTO Medical Centre, the doctor and nurses were confused because already in coma and she wasn’t breathing. Her body was so cold to the point that they couldn’t find any vein to place her on drip. The doctor began to hit her left chest severally until her heart started beating again.

Three days before the unfortunate event, she had a revelation. She told her friend to pray against death not knowing it was meant for her. So on Sunday when she passed out, she said she found her soul in a dark place in the midst of dead people.

She was already in the underworld in Hades until someone said to her: “Go back!” Then she woke up from coma. This is a miracle. God sent her back to warn people about the Judgment Day.”


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