Footballer Who Ordered His Ex’s Murder and Fed Her Body To Dogs Becomes Mental Health Coach

Brazilian goalkeeper Bruno Fernandes made headlines for very different reasons a decade ago, as he was sentenced in 2013 to 22 years and three months in prison after ordering the killing of his ex-girlfriend, model Eliza Samudio, back in 2010 and feeding her body to dogs.

Years later he has revealed that he wants to become a mental health coach for elite athletes and teams.

Fernandes has already completed the intensive studies needed to be able to practice this new profession.

His sentence was turned into to a semi-open prison sentence in 2019. This means that he is allowed to leave the jail and work outside during the day before returning every night.

Back in June 2010, when he was playing for Flamengo and was called up to feature for the Brazilian national team, Bruno was declared a suspect by the Minas Gerais Civil Police for the disappearance of Eliza, with whom he had a child and who was claiming child support from the football player.

Samudio was kidnapped, beaten and then strangled, before parts of her body were fed to dogs and the rest was buried and covered with cement in an undisclosed location.

Fernandes, who was married to Dayanne Rodrigues, said that he met Eliza at a sex orgy and claimed that she fell pregnant after his condom broke.

In March 2013, authorities announced that Fernandes was convicted for murder, illegal detention, kidnapping and concealment of a human corpse.

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