Following Cheque’s public apologies for “disrespecting” his wife, Chioma, in a viral video, singer Davido responds.

In the video, Cheque can be seen performing a love song to Chioma Rowland while appearing to be enjoying Davido’s wife’s photos on his phone.

Following Cheque’s public apology for a viral video in which he appeared to abuse his wife Chioma, Nigerian superstar singer Davido has reacted.

A few days ago, Cheque, a Nigerian musician and songwriter whose actual name is Akanbi Bamidele Brett, sparked a heated internet debate after posting a freestyle video.

In the video, Cheque could be heard performing a love song to Chioma while he appeared to be adoring Davido’s wife’s photos on his phone.

When he saw a photo of Chioma alone, he zoomed in on it and continued singing. He had previously skipped through Davido and his wife Chioma’s image.

Fans and followers were divided over this action, with many claiming that singing to Chioma while zooming in on her photo was insulting.

As you scroll, you’ll see some of the comments that followed the video.

Cheque removed the video in response to criticism and later apologized to Davido on Twitter, saying he didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“Never meant any form of disrespect to Davido. baba has been there for me anytime I need am, even on zoom remix. I no just just reason am well before posting. Thank you and love you big bro .. OBO”, he wrote on Twitter.

Davido quoted the tweet in reaction to Cheque’s public apologies and added a love symbol to show his acceptance and forgiveness.

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