Fifth Wife Kill Husband With Axe, Cuts His Private Parts For Harassing Her

A shocking incident comes to light from Madhya Pradesh’s Singrauli where a woman killed her husband with axe and chopped him into pieces. As per the information she was tired of Husband’s addiction with drugThe incident took place on February 21. The accused has been identified as Kanchan Gurjar.

The deceased has been identified as Birender Gurjar. He had been married five times.  Kanchan was his fifth wife. As per the information, Kanchan not only killed her husband but she also cuts his private part.

The police officials found Birender’s body on the same day of his murder.

However, his wife filed a case of murder against an unknown person.  When the police started their investigation. They question close relatives and friends of the deceased.

Kanchan was also questioned by the police. During the investigation, the woman confessed to her crime. During the investigation, the accused told police that her husband was a drug addict and used to torture her when he was drunk. She narrated the whole incident to the police.

The woman said that on February 21, she mixed 20 sleeping pills into her husband’s food. After this she attacked him multiple times with the axe and murdered Birender. Not only this the accused also cut his genitals. After killing her husband, Kanchan reportedly wrapped his body in clothes and threw it on the roadside. Kanchan also destroyed the evidence of clothes and slippers.

As of now, Kanchan has been arrested by the police. As per the information, the earlier four wives of the accused had left him as he used to harass them.

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