FG Releases Nigeria’s 2019 Flood🌊 Outlook

The Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), on Tuesday presented its 2019 Annual Flood Outlook (AFO) in Abuja.
The Minister of Water Resources, Mr. Suleiman Adamu, said the AFO was the 7th in the series with the theme “The Role of Efficient Hydrological Services in National Development” by the agency.
NAN quoted Adamu as saying the AFO would serve as an early warning to people and communities located in and near flood plains and other vulnerable areas.
He added that it would also put in place actions necessary to ameliorate adverse effects of flood to lives and property.
The minister said the Federal Government has taken fundamental initiatives to manage river flows within the country.
“This has been achieved through construction of dams, reservoirs, artificial lakes, barriers and other structural measures and controls as well as non-structural measures such as flood plain mapping and sensitisation.
“We have also been working in partnership with the riparian countries of River Niger and Benue, as well as the Lake Chad Basin to control the release from dams in a way it does not cause havoc in Nigeria.
“We have regional bodies such as Niger Basin Authority (NBA), Lake Chad Basin Commission (LCBC), Nigerian–Cameroon Joint Commission as well as Nigerian–Benin Joint Commission facilitating the pursuance of shared vision and effective management of shared water resources,” he said.
Source: Daily post

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