“Female artistes are not held to same standards as male” – Ayra Starr speaks

Ayra Starr, a well-known singer, believes that female performers are not often held to the same standards as their male counterparts.

Ayra Starr standards for male and female artists
The singer of “Rush” revealed this during a recent interview with Saturday Beats.

Despite the fact that female and male performers are not treated equally, she expressed her gratitude for her older female colleagues who have led the way for aspiring female singers like herself.

Ayra Starr said:

“I am grateful to the women who came before me, who paved the way. Because of them, I am not dealing with so much. However, there is still that issue of female artistes being scrutinised more than their male colleagues. Female artistes are not held to the same standards as the males.”

She also spoke on her recently released hit single, “Sability” which has been getting glowing reviews from appreciative fans.

“Of course, I am excited. I wanted people to feel good and be happy while listening to the song. I am happy it’s doing that and even more. I wanted to put out a song that would make some people remember the times in their lives when they literally had no worries; and, that was how I arrived at ‘Sability’,” she said.

Reacting to those who do not fancy the song, Ayra Starr urged them to listen to the song with an open mind:

“They really just have to take the time to listen to the song well. It’s a happy song and I hope they are happy when they listen to it.”

She added: “I am never under pressure to release hit songs. I just want to make songs that make sense to me and my fans.”

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