Father rejoices as missing daughter returns home after 18 days

Victoria Murray, the 17-year-old student of Holy Child College who has been missing for over two weeks, has returned home.

Her father who works in an oil firm disclosed this in a Facebook post on Sunday.

He did not go into details but he promised to make more comments on her return “when I am better composed”.

“My Vicky’s home! Just a quick thank you note for all your prayers and support. Thank you for all your calls. Thank you standing with us,” Murray wrote.

“Will share more details as soon as my hands stop shaking and my heart stops racing this fast.

”In an earlier Facebook post, he had announced that Victoria had been missing for two weeks.

“Victoria Murray, 17, is my daughter. I reckon she’s about 6ft tall because she’s taller than me. Tomorrow will make it two weeks since she disappeared, we believe, on her way to school. She is a student of Holy Child College, Ikoyi, Lagos. Until she went missing, Victoria lived with the rest of the family in Oniru, Victoria Island, Lagos,” he had written.

“To go to school, Victoria would normally take the bus from Sand Fill bus stop along the Lekki-Epe Expressway to Obalende as her school is located just at the edge of Ikoyi, next door to St Gregory’s College.

“We have since reported Victoria’s disappearance to the Police, who assure us that they are doing their best to find our daughter.

“Vicky, as we call her, is rather introverted and soft-spoken with a slender body type. She is quite light complexioned and wears close-cropped hair in a fashion recommended by her school. She speaks only English and does not have any tribal marks.”

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