Father Arrested For Killing Daughter’s Boyfriend

Police in Gulu have arrested a 37 year old man over the alleged murder of his daughter’s boyfriend.

Cheyi Ben Angol, a peasant of Apem village, Omel sub county in Gulu district, allegedly murdered Okema Daniel, a student, after he allegedly caught him red handed with his daughter in the morning  of 24th February 

Police spokes person Fred Enanga has confirmed the incident adding  that after the suspect followed up her daughter to the boy’s home after he learnt that she  had sneaked out of the house at night.

The father then mobilized his accomplices ; Rubangakene, Mugisha, Odongo Daniel, Komakech Daniel and Nasur Bwambale, with whom they stormed the home of the boy.

They found their daughter and then rained blows and kicked him, and brutally tortured the 16 year old boyfriend until he died .

After realizing that they had killed the boy, they hanged his body to fake a suicide and then locked the house from outside with a padlock.

The police spokesperson said a serious manhunt for his five other co-suspects is ongoing.

“We also urge members of the public to avoid such acts of violence and lawlessness, but instead, work within the law,” Enanga counselled.

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