Farmers Resign After Their Boss Install CCTV To Monitor Their Activities

A Twitter user known as @taadelodun has narrated how his brother’s farm workers resigned after his brother installed CCTV cameras.

His brother who worked in Oyo state told him that he installed CCTV cameraa on his farm so he could see and hear everything on his phone.

He added that after he installed the cameras, his workers resigned in unison.

In his words:
“I caught up with my brother that has a farm in Oyo state last night. He installed CCTV on the farm, and he can see and hear everything on his phone in London. He said the week he installed technology, there was mass resignation. Without technology, corruption grows wings.”

Reacting to this post, faanyii  added: “I read somewhere that China has over 500 million surveillance cameras even more than USA, scattered across the country to safeguard their nation.Nigeria need steady power supply to achieve this kind of technology and safety of the masses against crime.”

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